What is a Gold IRA and How is it Different from a Standard IRA?

gold bullionA Gold IRA, also known as a Precious-Metals IRA, is an Individual Retirement Account where actual physical gold, or another approved precious metal, is held in custody for the IRA account beneficiary. A Gold Roth IRA operates the same as a standard IRA, but instead of paper assets, such as cash, stock and bonds, it holds gold bars or coins.

Why Gold?

Investors commonly use precious metals, like gold, to diversify their portfolio as long-term hedges against inflation. A Precious-Metals IRA is typically a self-directed IRAs, meaning a type of IRA where the forms of investments are chosen by the account holder. A self-directed Gold IRAs can be set up as several different types of retirement accounts, like a Roth IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, HSA, a Thrift Savings Plan or a 401(k).

In addition to gold, silver, platinum and palladium may also be held in a Gold IRA, provided the metals are an IRS-approved product, such as bars and/or coins. However, since gold is typically the most common of the four metals, the term “Gold IRA” is most often used as industry vernacular to refer to a retirement account that holds any combination of the four precious metals. Aside from Gold or Precious-Metals IRA, other terms, such as “Silver,” “Platinum,” or “Palladium IRA” may also be used. Currently there are a variety of precious metals which meet the IRS’s minimum-purity standards for holding in a Gold IRA account.

Gold Bars vs Coins

There are generally more advantages to having gold coins, as opposed to bars, in a Gold IRA. Coins are usually easier to liquidate, as bars are harder to sell because of the higher price of a whole bar and coins are easier to move because, compared with the weight of a full bar of gold. However, while coins generally have a higher commission rate gold bars more accurately reflect the current-market price of the metal.

Tax Laws

The IRS code requires the approved precious metals to be kept with a custodian. Some IRA Trustees have dedicated in-house facilities to keep the physical precious metals, whereas others employ a third-party depository.

The laws surrounding taking distributions from a Precious-Metals IRA are typically the same as for distributions from a non-Precious-Metals IRA. The holder of the account is allowed to liquidate their Gold IRA for cash or assume physical possession of the actual metals, but both actions are equal to taking cash IRA distributions and the IRS will require taxes be paid upon withdrawal, as well as a penalty of up to 25 percent.


My own comparison of Toyota VS Nissan 1990’s model 4×4 trucks

toyota truckMy first truck was a 1993 mini Nissan. I loved that little truck. Being a high-school girl in the country I have the fondest memories when thinking back to driving around back country roads with my friends to the best hiking spot or that weekend’s senior bonfire party. I remember proudly that that little truck routinely got 20 mpg. 2.4L, 5speed, and had standard cab. I had that bulletproof little red beauty for more than a decade, it had 150K and she still kept on truckin’ when I sold her then.

Now that my own daughter is shopping around for her first truck I have decided to do a little comparison shopping. My main concerns are reliability and fuel mileage when looking for my kid’s first vehicle. Let’s say well under $3000. Her only employment being a part-time job tutoring she does not have much to work with monetarily speaking. I am currently on disability and do not have much to throw in for her. I have also heard really great things about the little Toyota 4×4 90’s models trucks.

I found the first little Toyota on Craigslist listed for 2,000 and had about 170K. The cab was in great shape. The bed was a little rusty. Not too bad. The body was pretty beat up. And the gears were really cranking loudly. I guess you get what you pay for in most circumstances. Maybe I will need to up my purchase price to 3,500 if it’s a Toyota we settle for.

My Next Vehicle

The next vehicle that I looked at was a 1992 Nissan 4×4 5 speed 100K. I found it listed in our local small town newspaper. The vehicle looked great by all outward appearances for the price. Owner claimed that he has had no issues aside from consumables; pads, belts, plugs, filters, tires and fluids. The owner was asking 2,500. The 22R Engine looked really clean. Owner took great care of this vehicle and it drove really great for the trucks age. I still need to get it checked out with my local mechanic that I trust to make sure that there are no real issues. But it seems this redneck Mama might just have found the vehicle that is the perfect fit. Maybe I am just a little sentimental, but I am happy with this little truck. I think that both Toyota and Nissan made great little trucks back in the 1990’s. Simple engineering that just keeps on running. I think that I would recommend both the Toyota or Nissan version 4×4. Just make sure you stay away from the V6 versions as I know they can eat head gaskets.


Tips And Advice On Finding Good Binary Option Brokers

trading platformWith so many binary option brokers out there, finding the right one can be a little difficult to do. However, there are some tips and advice that can help you choose the right broker. Below are some of those tips and advice to consider if you want to find a good broker.

Are They Regulated

When it comes to finding a good binary options broker, you will want to keep regulation in mind. Brokers that are regulated means that they have to adhere to specific standards, which also means they need to operate with only the best practices in mind. In other words, you should use a broker that is regulated.

What Assets Do They Offer

When you are researching binary option brokers, you will want to see what types of assets they offer. You might be interested in trading currency, or you might want to trade commodities. Regardless of what you want to trade, it is important to find out what brokers offer you in terms of assets that they allow you to trade. Figure out what types of assets you are most interested in and then find a binary option broker that will let you trade it.

How Is The Customer Service

Binary option brokers should provide nothing but the best customer service. They should be available to you when you need them and allow you to access them in various ways, such as via email, phone, live chat and so forth. If a binary option broker provides high quality customer service, then the chances are they are a high quality company that you might want to do business with.

Do They Provide You With Great Security

When you trade with a binary option broker, then you want to make sure the broker offers you a safe way to trade. In other words, you want a broker to provide you with the security you need when you are trading with them. It is important to choose a broker that offers you a safe place to trade.

Compare Brokers

The final tip to keep in mind is to compare as many binary option brokers as you can. Comparing them will allow you to find out which one is ideal to do business with. Read reviews by people who have personal experience with the brokers you are researching and find out what each one charges, or if they even charge you any fees for using them.

Keep these tips in mind and you will soon find the best binary option broker to work with.